Video Interviews with Toni Dove and Luke DuBois

In these videos, Toni discusses the history of Lucid Possession and the technological solutions used in the show, and Luke describes how the entire complex system works.

…like a big, 3-dimensional video pop-up book

She’s managing the noise — it’s kind of poetic.

I got very interested… in the way that your body doubles into the screen. You leave traces of your motion in the screen.

…over the course of us working with the software, it gets better at predicting

Underneath the hood, it’s doing all the kinds of things your friendly, neighborhood VJ mixer would be able to do.

Experience the live Lucid Possession performance.

Explore more of Toni’s work.

Video interviews shot by Luke DuBois and edited by Ron MacLeod for Cycling ’74.

Nov 12 2013 | 12:40 pm

"p aspect_ratio_bullshit"
Luke patches the way we all think :D

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