The AES and other things….

Well, I'm finally back home after having survived two major-league spanking machines--the annual AES convention, and the annual International Computer Music Association conference, hosted this year in sunny Miami. It was a wild, exhaustive and fun couple of weeks. Perhaps I should talk about them both. Let's start with the AES....

More pre-novel-foisting about Neal Stephenson….

I know you all probably read slashdot religiously. I should, probably. However, I happened to cruise by the mention of an interview with the same Mr. Stephenson, whose Baroque Cycle I was ranting semi-worshipfully about...

Wow. That last thing was *way* too serious….

Wow. That last thing was *way* too serious....

it's with some surprise that I find myself reading the third novel in Neal Stephenson's "Baroque Cycle" The System of the World, and feeling that little tickle that tells me that this may all prove to have been worth it. Now don't get me wrong--I'm not going to tell you to start making your own way through several thousand pages without some serious qualifications...

How would Xu Bing sound? (part 2)

I've been thinking about the Xu Bing exhibition on and off--more specifically, I've been thinking not about the large installation, or even the calligraphy lesson, but rather the large ink paintings whose "brushstrokes", on closer inspection, turn out to be calligraphic narratives or comments on the image itself.

How would Xu Bing sound? (part 1)

I spent a pleasant afternoon at the museum, checking out a new installation by the Chinese artist Xu Bing.

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