Things OTHERS wish people had told THEM

When I started this series of short "advice" pieces to Max/MSP/Jitter beginners, I also decided to ask a number of my friends and colleagues about what their ideas of what good advice might be so that you won't be left with just my admittedly biased advice set...

Tales of search and seizure

I wasn't planning on googling drug-smuggling secrets...

Winter finally begins. Let’s eat!

Here is a local favorite--a curried Zucchini soup with coconut that we found in Molly O'Neill's fantastic year-round cookbook "A Well-Seasoned Appetite", which is great because it pays attention to the foods that each season delivers to the produce department. You'll probably like it even if it isn't as cold as it is here.

A great question

An amazing part of my breakfast reading was provided by a fascinating article in the New York Times Science section consisting of a dozen or so answers to a single question: "What do you believe even though you cannot prove it?"

This is the Arts and Crafts column

15 (or more) of the top 10

The radiophonic portion of my life has an annual ritual associated with it that might surprise no one; a top ten. It's that time again.

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