A great question

An amazing part of my breakfast reading was provided by a fascinating article in the New York Times Science section consisting of a dozen or so answers to a single question: "What do you believe even though you cannot prove it?"

This is the Arts and Crafts column

15 (or more) of the top 10

The radiophonic portion of my life has an annual ritual associated with it that might surprise no one; a top ten. It's that time again.

Here is a very brief outline on the Ukraine and its current situation. If you're only starting to notice all those news items, this should help you get up to speed. It's faster than going to the public library, anyway. Looks like a little background will come in handy while you're following this in the papers in the coming days.

In our off moments

Sometimes, you're just not in the mood for hard-hitting or even chatty bloggery. In these times, perhaps recursive zoomable artwork or crackheaded Flash book reports are just the thing. Or not.

Stuck (in my head) on a rainy day….

I'm reading at the moment, since there's not a lot of listening I can do. An ear infection I thought I'd whipped earlier returned in a pretty ferocious manner (it even set my ENT to clucking sympathetically and peering sympathetically), with the result being that my right ear is totally non-working (except for being a completely workable source of pain)...

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