I've just finished a "birthday book" that might interest you--especially after I tell you what I think it's maybe not about.

Moog Modular V and Max/MSP geek-o-rama

I've spent a little time exploring the new version of the Moog Modular V that I mentioned recently--more specifically, working on ways that I could use it alongside my favorite graphic programming environment.

One of the reasons that virtual synthesis is attractive is that the arrival of the auction/speculator's market such as eBay has effectively put all kinds of interesting things I remember from my childhood beyond the reach of anyone other than the beneficiaries of a Bush tax cut...

I know I am supposed to be writing stuff that derives from my own unparalleled insight and wide experience...

Attn: sea world fans: do NOT read this.

Jitter inna Pyongyang stylee

I know I should have a bad case of Olympic Fever...

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