Not wanting to say something about Marcel

I wanted to visit the Philadelpha Museum of Art in order to fulfill a long-standing wish-visit their Marcel Duchamp collection and see what are, for me, Duchamp's two greatest works: the Large Glass and Etants Donnes: 1. La Chute D'eau 2. Le Gaz D'eclairage....

Heaven in a small bowl

Summer Comfort Food

Audible reasons to be happy

I spend part of my life doing a radio program of electronic, experimental, electroacoustic, and various other types of music on Madison's own community radio station WORT-FM, and have done so for an embarrassing number of years. I guess that's probably why my colleague D. told me that I should feel free to rave about recent recordings in the course of my blogging life...

Finding patterns in odd places questions to you come down to this: How might these serve as a place to start describing aural order or fittingness or (cough) beauty? ...I think that thinking about this is worth the effort, despite whatever qualms about quantifiable beauty you may have...

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