[sharing] Drag'n'Drop between Umenus.

    Feb 02 2019 | 12:24 am
    A "simple" (it took me some time) drag'n'drop system with different Umenus. I wanted to solve that originally via JS, but then had the ambition to do that completely in Max. In this example here, "symbols" are passed on, but of course the whole works well with numbers and dials.
    The "+" symbol - while dragging - is on different computers offset, I think that is due to the different resolutions (retina). Just re adjust.

    • Feb 03 2019 | 9:03 am
      Something like that is really missing in max. I would have prefered it over many other GUI "enhancements". But You have few problems in the patch: not so important is "+" sign which will be offset if one moves patcher window arround. One could rather change mouse cursor to indicate the functions. More important is the use of value object, which is not really usable, because once fed any info, one can't clear it. so if You copy something, and than clear all the menus, dragging from empty menu would still copy the last seen value memory. I am refering to v conXglobal54 I would rather use coll for temporary storage of items to copy. Than one would be able to copy from - to any menu item, or whatever object that can accept the stored items.
    • Feb 06 2019 | 11:32 pm
      Thanks for your feedback! You're right, but I don't see that value storage as an issue. Just "clear" the value object as well. For my purpose this is exaclty what i needed. The patch should also be seen more as inspiration. Best Markus