A web page with two buttons & a display for controlling Max

    Oct 15 2021 | 1:19 pm
    Hi there, I just dived into NodeJS for Max. This is really amazing.
    I'm looking for the best strategy for controlling and getting feedback from Max. Basically, I'd like to build a small prototype with 2 buttons and a numerical values. I checked the routeServer example. This is very useful : I got 2 links (not button but proper html links) and when I click, I do something in Max. Totally Ok
    BUT for the opposite way, getting feedback from Max, it is not easy for me. I thought about http-refresh, something where the web client would poll Max. NOT efficient at all but... Of course, I was thinking about XMLHttpRequest or something like that.
    Would you have an example around this concept ? I'd be really happy to check this out.

    • Oct 15 2021 | 1:48 pm
      github's sockets example show this sockets way. this is amazing.
      I'm just struggling "merging" sockets and routeServer examples for having : - buttons for triggering actions from webpage to Max - values refreshing on the webpage when they change in Max