Ableton LINK working on Raspberry pi server

    Nov 22 2017 | 8:01 am
    After many trials to compile an unofficial port of ableton link for node.js in windows (npm package page) I succesfully compiled it on my raspberry pi . The server is sincronized with LINK conections on the same network .
    The problem of the client side still remains , since there is still no official way to implement LINK on the client side , but having a server synchronized is a start , and the deviation is quite noticeable but usable (needs more testing)
    This opens up a huge potential .
    Since Im using Tone.js to generate audio from the clients browser and having them synchronized between each other is the desired result . Then with Xebra.js we can comunicate directly to the clients , to trigger events in the html javascript code . Its being requested to use Xebra in the server side too , that could be better for performance when using many devices (since xebra/miraweb apparently supports till 64 users simultaneously )
    I will keep you posted about my experiments !