adstatus to select specific output device at boot

    Apr 14 2018 | 9:18 am
    Hello dear community,
    For an installation I'm working that has to run by itself on I would like to built-in the following functionality in my patch at boot, I would like to use the adstatus (or other recommended object?) to poll if the RME Digiface is listed as possible output device, if the equation is true this device should be forced to be selected as output and after this procedure turn on the DSP by itself.
    I know Max will automatically initiate the last selected output device at boot which should already cover this, but I would just like to built-in this additional fail-safe system on top of that.
    I think the solution lies somewhere in a good combination between the adstatus driver and adstatus option object but I can not completely work it out, any suggestions would be welcome!
    Kind regards, Robin