Advice for Syphon/Spout use in cross-platform standalone

    Dec 01 2016 | 3:21 am
    So far, I have been able to keep my Max standalone 100% cross-platform - i.e., I don't have different patcher source for Windows/Mac - they are the exact same patcher file (though to be honest, the preference file management stuff is pretty ugly looking, but it works).
    However, I am now at the point where I want to add syphon & spout support - but, I really don't want to create a branch of my patcher for each platform - as my build process is automated, and it would just be a huge PITA to add platform dependent top-level patchers.
    Anyone else conquered this issue in an somewhat elegant way?

    • Dec 01 2016 | 4:29 am
      This is what I ended up doing... not sure if there is a more elegant / easy way: