Alternative to Mouse Drawing and Controllers

    Jan 12 2018 | 8:44 pm
    I'm most familiar with the msp side of things than jitter. I'm looking at the ScrollyBrush jitter recipe (number 44) and I like what it does. But instead of controlling it with a mouse, I would like to use a controller. At first I though using the nodes object would be fine because I am familiar with how to control nodes with a controller, but the nodes outputs floats 0-1, so it only draws up and down on the left side. When I looked at the values I was getting from drawing with the mouse, it outputted values from 0-300 isn. It doesn't seem to like the scale object. How do I get nodes to output the right values that the patch needs? Or is there another way to control it without drawing with the mouse?

    • Jan 13 2018 | 4:23 pm
      hi chantelle here are 2 way of drawing
      1. using the nodes object and 2. using a controller as input control. <-- all you need in this one is to have a motion2active active state. i.e. if data is changing from your controller, you have a 1 value for active state. not moving = 0 state value
      here is the patch
      good luck
    • Jan 13 2018 | 7:33 pm
      I actually figured out a way to do it without nodes. I scaled my x and y values between 0-300, used change to bang a 1 message to trick it into recognizing that somethings happening, and packed it together with prepend "mouse". Originally, my first instinct was to use nodes because I've used it before for similar problems and it's super easy to visually see what the controller is doing. But this works exactly the way wanted it.