amxd~: Is it's Tutorial different from real [patching] life?

    Dec 15 2015 | 12:53 pm
    Hi, I read the amxd~ tutorial but things seems a little different when working with the object. First of all, it seems that I don't need to put an amxd~ object in the patcher window, its suffice to drag one of the Max for Live patches from the plugins sidebar. Is that true? When I put the amxd~ object into the patcher window, and then drag a Max for Live patch into it, it doesn't change to the Max for Live device as the tutorial said it would do. And also different from the tutorial, the amxd~ object is not an empty one (invisible, just dotted lines as it's frame), but a normal Max object design. What is wrong with it? Am I using it in a wrong way? Can anyone teach me how to use it properly? Thank you.