ANN: Artistic Research Residency @ IRCAM , ZKM/IRCAM Joint Residency


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    Emmanuel Jourdan
    Nov 17 2015 | 2:21 pm
    The deadline approaches, so I thought I would post it there, it can be interesting to some of you.
    The artistic research residency program is open to composers, professional musicians, choreographers, stage directors, sound designers, and students who wish to carry out their musical and artistic research using IRCAM or its partners’ facilities and extensive research environment. Upon nomination, each candidate will be granted a residency in an associated laboratory during a specific period that will range from three to six months long. During this period, candidates will work in association with a team/project at IRCAM or with a partner (this year will be marked by the first collaboration with ZKM | Institute for Music & Acoustics), carry out the musical and scientific experimental work associated with their proposed project, and participate in the intellectual life of the institute. At the end of their stay, candidates will be invited to share the results of their work with the international musical research community in the form of documentation and public presentations.
    Information on past editions can be seen on IRCAM’s Musical Research Residency Website.
    Call for proposals
    For the 8th edition of the Musical and Artistic Research Residency, IRCAM invites composers and artists to submit artistic projects on novel and unexplored paradigms requiring collaborations with IRCAM research. The program is open to all artists, regardless of age or nationality, who wish to carry out experimental research using partners’ facilities and extensive research environment. An international panel of experts including researchers, composers, computer musicians, and artists will evaluate each application. Upon nomination, each candidate will be granted a residency at IRCAM (for the IRCAM Track) or in a partner institution (for the Track) during a specific period (three or six months) and in association with scientific team/projects. Selected candidates receive the equivalent of 1,200 Euro per month to cover expenses in France.
    Applications are accepted only online via the Ulysses Network. Applicants can submit their material upon creation of an account on the website. The deadline for application is November 30th 2015 (midnight Paris time).
    An international panel of experts will evaluate all applications and final results will be announced in February 2016. In special cases, a scientific committee organized by IRCAM and partners may interview the candidates. Evaluation is based on the project's novelty and collaborative aspects, and the holder's prior experience and ability to undertake the proposed project.
    For the 2017 edition, applicants can submit applications for either of the following tracks (to be specified in the online application form):
    IRCAM Residency
    Candidates will work in the context of the Research and Development department in Paris, in order to pursue their work. They will collaborate with members of IRCAM teams thus enabling them to deepen the muscial and technological issues explored through experimentation as well as participate in the intellectual life of the institute.
    ZKM / IRCAM Joint Residency Track
    The purpose of the Joint ZKM/IRCAM residency is to foster collaborations between the two institutions around one or two artistic projects that demand joining research, technical and artistic efforts between the two entities.
    Candidates applying to the Joint ZKM/IRCAM Residency Track should choose the Special Track in their application. Submitted applications should clearly demonstrate collaborative aspects with two institutions for the project. The Work Plan of the proposal should also clearly demonstrate the will to carry out the project in both locations (Paris/France for IRCAM and Karlsruhe/Germany for ZKM) during the project life. Given the bi-localized nature of this call, the minimum duration residency for this call is 6 months. Final selection for this track is subject to a joint evaluation of proposals by ZKM and IRCAM, based on relevancy, quality and novelty of proposed projects.
    Final laureates of Joint ZKM/IRCAM Residency Track can redeem travel costs between laboratories once or twice during the residency, based on the proposed project. Laureates are expected to spend at least half of their residency period in each institution.
    For this call, the Joint ZKM/IRCAM Residency Track program is particularly interested in artistic residencies calling for innovative employment of Wavefield Synthesis, Vector Based Amplitude Panning and Ambisonics spatial sound diffusions. But proposals covering other themes within the activities of both institutions are welcome.
    ZKM is a cultural institution in Karlsruhe, Germany, that combines production and research, exhibitions and events, among others, for the development of interdisciplinary art projects. […]
    Submission Instructions
    Create an account (or use pre-existing account) on Ulysses Network. After creating your profile, create your application for “Ircam – Artistic Research Residency Program” via the “Your Application” panel. You can save your application as draft before the submission deadline. The system will warn for any incomplete material before the final submission.
    Applicants are highly encouraged to consult existing and prior work related to their proposed project at Ircam and elsewhere through various sources including Ircam Research websites and program partners. Prior residency reports can be consulted from Ircam's Musical Research website.