Announcement: The Max 8.2 Public Beta

    Aug 19 2021 | 5:09 pm
    We are happy to announce the Max 8.2 public beta. Max 8.2 will be the first version to natively support the latest Apple Silicon based Mac computers. We’re all excited by the potential of these machines and look forward to hearing your reports using this update. Beyond native support for Apple Silicon, the underlying infrastructure of Max has been updated on every platform and a big list of bugs have been fixed and a few new features have been added. Testing on any machine you use for Max (including Windows) will help ensure that no new problems have been introduced as a result of these changes.
    Like many of the big platform transitions we have been through (OS 9 to OS X, Mac Intel, Mac to Windows, 32-bit to 64-bit), we hope we can count on the support of the whole community to try things out and let us know what’s working. We also know Max is much more than the core application and will be working closely with third-party developers to get packages and externals recompiled and ready to test using the updated SDK.
    Keep in mind that third-party externals will need to be recompiled to provide native support for this new architecture, so Apple Silicon testing should be restricted to core features and externals that have been updated with the most recent SDK. Testing with existing third-party objects on all other platforms will be helpful.
    You can download the Max 8.2 public beta here:
    Over the course of the public beta period, new installers will be made available at the above link and announced here via a new Beta forum post (which will outline any additional improvements and fixes).
    Please report any problems you experience on the Cycling ‘74 Beta Forums, with clear and complete information.
    Here are some of the key improvements in Max 8.2 that we'd like to highlight:
    Mac arm64 support The most notable addition, this brings native support for the latest Apple Silicon-based Mac computers.
    CEF Update We've updated our shipping version of Chromium Embedded Framework to CEF 90.
    Dynamic Colors To make the colors in your patches and devices more responsive to the environment they find themselves in, we've added the ability to reference Max / Max for Live application colors via static names that automatically adjust to follow the active Max/Max for Live color themes.
    Documentation Browser Updates The Documentation Browser has a new home page, spiffy new navigation tools (breadcrumbs, open in browser, sidebar tweaks), and a brand new Glossary of Max terms.
    live.adsr~ / live.adsrui These are two new objects for generating and visualizing sample-accurate Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelopes.
    Improved Random Numbers Some objects now take advantage of a new random number generator implementation that is more efficient and has improved statistical qualities. Some of the affected objects include noise~, noise in Gen, random, drunk, decide, urn, and live.step.
    Node for Max Update The shipping version of Node has been updated to v16.6.0.
    Jitter Tools Package This package is a collection of tools that we think almost any Jitter user will want to take advantage of. Currently, this package features three tools: (a texture version of jit.matrixset), jit.polymovie and (polybuffer type objects for movie files), and (customizable grid of points to control the shape of a mesh and associated texture).
    loadbang on paste / Reinitialize There is a new preference called 'Edit Operations Trigger Loadbang', which allows for loadbangs to be fired when pasted. There is a new entry in the Edit menu, 'Reinitialize', which will fire loadbang and loadmess objects in the parent patcher all the way down the patcher hierarchy.
    200+ bug fixes That’s a lot of bug fixing!
    Take a look at the detailed list of New Features and Bug Fixes here: Thanks in advance for your participation and feedback, which will continue to inspire us to push Max forward into the future!

    • Aug 19 2021 | 11:01 pm
      Hi there, very excited for this update! Is it only me having issue with this version? It keeps crashing when I try opening any patch file. Is anyone having the same issue?
    • Aug 19 2021 | 11:21 pm
      Hi yoshie026! Sorry to hear you're having issues. Please try a clean install first to see if that fixes the crash. If you still have issues, send over your Support information, crash log, and detailed steps to reproduce. You can find a summary of everything we need for bug reporting here.
      In the future, please feel free to make a new post on the beta forum to report any issues that you have.
    • Aug 20 2021 | 9:07 am
      Noted! Thank you, Ashely.
    • Aug 20 2021 | 1:50 pm
      Amazing update! Big thanks to everyone who worked on it.
    • Aug 21 2021 | 3:22 am
      Exquisite!!! Is this to say we mac users shouldn't update if we rely on intel-compiled externals? or is there a backward compatibility mode similar to the 32-64 bit transition?
    • Aug 21 2021 | 4:46 pm
      Thanks Crew! Ever Max!
    • Aug 22 2021 | 5:31 pm
      Thank you so much for the expand feature in the dict-view object. It's now useful for viewing large dictionaries in a controlled fashion. Excellent!
    • Aug 23 2021 | 3:56 pm
      @AUDIOMATT You can use this build on either Intel or M1 machines, but if you want to run natively on M1 machines, only externals compiled for arm64 architecture will work. On these machines, you can run Max 8.2 in Rosetta 2, which will allow old externals to be used. In the Finder, select the, then go to File->Get Info and select "Open using Rosetta" in the Info window.
    • Aug 23 2021 | 9:03 pm
      @Ben Bracken Got it!!!! Thank you!
    • Aug 26 2021 | 5:23 pm
      We've just released new installers for the Max 8.2 public beta (build bfe3faf7). You can download the update here:
      We've fixed a few things that have come up since last week, and added a few new features, all listed below.
      If you want to see all the improvements in Max 8.2 so far, you can find them here:
      Although we would love as much testing as possible, please keep in mind that this is beta software, so we recommend that you do not use it for any mission-critical work. Thanks for all of the feedback so far, keep it coming! Ben & Cycling '74
      New Features • node.script: restart attribute to suppress restarts on uncaught errors • Reinitialize: parameters are reset to initial values
      Fixed Bugs • Save dialogs: improved usage when there are no writable types specified • Patch loading: improved patch / project loading times • attrui: improved switching between dynamic and regular colors • jit.gen: fixed wrap algorithm • node.script: works on standard user account • Projects: disabled amxd type in inspector when Max is the M4L editor • node.script: tmp folder sockets are cleaned up • attrui: color chooser works right away • Package Manager: fixed blank rendering • pitchshift~: fixed issues with 'enabled' attribute • gen~: fixed NaN reporting when 'Show CPU Usage' is enabled • Poundsign replacement: fixed object_attr_enforcelocal errors
    • Aug 28 2021 | 1:44 pm
      Hi Ben, do you know if the font-size bug for the max console has been fixed on Mac? It would be really nice for teaching online to be able to increase the font of the Max console. (Reported it about a year ago)
    • Aug 28 2021 | 4:02 pm
      @IAIN It appears that the Max Console font size can be set per-session by selecting a line in it, going to Object->Show Fonts and selecting the size you would like, or setting it in Max->Preferences->Max Console Font Size. However, it doesn't look like the font size gets applied when restarting. I've made a note of this.
    • Aug 29 2021 | 10:04 am
      After a short recon on 8.2 I have an impression, that package manager works much more reliable (at least on my laptop [MBP, Intel, Big Sur]) - previously, package manager would often stop somewhere along the way (though, in the end, a restart did the trick). I don't know if it's a coincidence or some kind of fix, but I'm very happy about it.
      Oh... Jitter Tools Package... that's a real time saver... or maybe time consumer as I will probably spend a lot of time with this package.
    • Aug 31 2021 | 8:23 pm
      I didn't find anything about this missing mc.poly~ feature in the list, which is a showstopper for multichannel synths:
    • Sep 02 2021 | 10:44 am
      Excited about live.adsr~ !
    • Sep 02 2021 | 5:03 pm
      We've just released new installers for the Max 8.2 public beta (build c5aea01). You can download the update here:
      We are continuing to fix bugs that come up during the beta, so be sure to take a look at the list below.
      If you want to see all the improvements in Max 8.2 so far, you can find them here:
      For M1 users out there, we'd love to hear about how these builds are performing for you, both natively and in Rosetta. Thanks!
      Ben & Cycling '74
      New Features • Message to Max: userdb.resetvalidated resets list of extern validations
      Fixed Tickets • 3rd party objects install / quarantine: cache improvements • M4L timing: improved locked metro accuracy • / AVF video engine: frame or frame_true messages work as expected • poly~: fixed crash when multithreading is enabled and there is no audio device • pattr bindto: finds correct attribute • hint attribute: hint correctly hidden in presentation mode when object is not • limi~: ref page opens correct help file • filtergraph~: added retro-compatible messages for gainresonant / gainapass • bpatcher: eliminated visual glitching when resizing new view • amxd~: fixed crash when instantiating while active is set to 0
    • Sep 07 2021 | 8:34 am
      Small question: Did something change in the permissions that allows max patchers/js to write in the application package contents? I have always used the max-toolbox and in previous versions you could click "activate" in the patcher on first startup and it would write a patcher named "toolbox-start.maxpat" in Resources/C74/max-startup. Now since the beta it doesn't do that anymore and instead the patcher ends up in the toolbox package in the "extra" folder, which does not start itself when starting Max. It's not a big deal, I can move the file manually, but maybe this behaviour was not intended or effects other patchers as well.
    • Sep 08 2021 | 5:12 pm
      @TIMO I'm not aware of any change in that department, but I would strongly discourage writing anything to the app package. It sounds like this package needs an init folder.
    • Sep 09 2021 | 5:01 pm
      We've just released new installers for the Max 8.2 public beta (build f87939c). You can download the update here:
      We are continuing to fix bugs that come up during the beta, so be sure to take a look at the list below for this week's improvements.
      You can check out the complete list of improvements in Max 8.2 here:
      Thanks for taking a look! - Ben & Cycling '74
      New Features • GL3: now a factory package (included with install)
      Fixed Tickets • amxd~ / vst~: re-fixed drag and drop behavior • dict: improved saving / window closing behavior • dict: fixed writeagain issues • fixed file loading when embedded in M4L device • parameters: load correctly when hot swapping bpatcher contents
    • Sep 15 2021 | 3:06 pm
      Hey do you have plans to get [mc.gain~ @multislider 1] working w/ [preset] that doesn't recall sliders at this time. Thank you for max improvments .
    • Sep 15 2021 | 4:58 pm
      And more...?
      I should directly upgrade FRGMENTS peojext
    • Sep 16 2021 | 5:04 pm
      This week's Max 8.2 beta installers (build ba4ca3e) are now available for download:
      Check out the list below for the improvements in this week's release. Thanks for taking a look!
      New Features • bloom-hq effect and corresponding SUBPASS functionality / documentation • Package Manager: option to 'update all' that have available updates
      Fixed Bugs • absolutepath: fixed issues when using '.' • Dynamic Colors: locked_bgcolor does not overwrite bgcolor • Gen noise: no longer outputs a -1 • jit.dx.grab: fixed alpha channel when output_texture is enabled • files can be loaded from Projects and collectives • Object Palette: icons added for all live.* UI objects • Package Manager: Website link styled correctly • Patcher Templates: dynamic colors can be used • Patching: don't try to autoconnect when target has no corresponding inlet/outlet • pattrstorage: fillempty handles missing values in pattr objects appropriately • vst~: fixed cases where sampling rate and vector size is ambiguous