arrangement view: vertically jumping up/down to a specific track/group

    May 03 2021 | 4:47 pm
    im working on a rather large orchestral template in ableton. there are groups for the main sections: strings, brass, woods, percussion etc and inside each of those, there are many many tracks. for example with the strings group: violas, violins, string effects, etc.. upwards of 30-50 tracks inside a section group. and of course a bunch of automation lanes under each of those tracks. so when working on a rather complicated arrangement where you have a ton of clips for all those tracks, it becomes cumbersome to have to manually scroll up and down to be able to get to each section's clips. question: is there a way with live 11's api to be able to jump the arrangement view - vertically - to a specific group or track?
    i know we can already jump horizontally via adding keyboard shortcuts to locators. but would be a HUGE timesaver during the composing process to get keyboard keys or midi keys to allow us to jump the arrangement window vertically up or down to specific tracks/groups. perhaps there's already a m4l device that handles this? tia for any ideas/help!! (p.s. did a search here/google but couldn't find anything related to this (possibly it's just burried))

    • May 03 2021 | 6:01 pm
      p.p.s im looking to build a device similar to - where you assign a keyboard key to a button of the device (placing the device in whichever group or track) and then firing off the button via the mapped key - which would then, ideally, jump you vertically to said track. just curious if its even possible to do this kind of vertical scrolling/jumping?