asking live to remember a file path name

    Dec 02 2021 | 8:53 pm
    In a M4L instrument I want to let the user drag a file to a dropfile and load it lets say to a buffer~ and waveform~ objects. But when the user save the live set and re-open it, the file disappear and he has to load it again... if I program the path to go to a massage to be banged when reload, the massage deleted.. I found that as a user (when the max device editor is close) you cant save any change inside from the user level, like preset (that needs a patch save to keep its values) or even a massage -that in Max keeps its value even if you shut the program without saving a patch- from the Abelton level( when max device editor is close) the changes disappear. That unless the M4L devise programmed to create an extra file that saves and contains data to load when the project is loaded (and thus my .amxd needs to be sent with additional files..) Is there another way? thanks ahead (-:

    • Dec 02 2021 | 9:48 pm
      hellos you can try [textedit] with parameter mode enable.
    • Dec 02 2021 | 10:30 pm
      Ok, thanks, I will try