Audio Interference While Recording : Modular + MaxMsp via ES-8 Expert Sleepers => Ableton Live 10

    May 17 2022 | 10:29 am
    Note sure if this issue has been encountered by someone. I seem to be having some sort of audio interference whenever I record a Modular synth jam and use the Expert Sleepers ES-8 module in order to modulate and trigger different eurorack modules.
    The "noise colouring" cannot be heard through my modular setup's mixer and I do not think I can hear it through my audio interface.
    Here is an audio clip from a quick setup using Max to trigger and modulate a Noise Engineering Loquelis Iteritas modules using a step sequencer as well as a lorenz attractor to modulate various params.
    Ever had this type of noisyness while using an Expert Sleepers eurorack module as a way to get MaxMsp to interface with a modular setup ?
    It might be due to the ES-8 acting as an audio driver while recording on Ableton 10...