authorization handling on multiple computers

    Sep 10 2015 | 2:36 pm
    I need to install max 7 on a second computer for a sound installation. And because I didn`t worked on this computer before, I have to check the cpu power and the characterisitcs of the machine. I know that i can install max on 3 different computers as long as they don´t run at the same time. But I have still some questions about the handling of it. For better understanding I name them „my personal computer“ and the „installation computer“.
    1. Can I build the patch on the authorized installation machine, then de-authorize it for the time of the installation, to make it to a runtime version of max? Does the patch still run on the installation computer without any problems? And can I use my personal computer again? 2. Can/should I build the patch on the installation machine, make an application of it and erase or de-authorize max?
    Thanks for suggestions