Axis 211M IP Network Camera and

    Sep 28 2008 | 2:05 pm
    I've been trying to get to read from a network camera. To get some image on a browser I can use:
    method 2: for a live stream of jpgs, pushed by the camera
    both are using a motion-jpeg codec.
    It works well in Safari, but in I get no results. The CPU spikes immediately and no image at all.
    I already used a strategy were I would download using jit.uldl but writing to the disk is obviously too slow.
    Note that I tried both http methods in quicktime using "open url" and I can get the static image (method 1) with no problems, but when I use server pushing (method 2) Quicktime says it's an invalid url.
    Any ideas are well appreciated.
    Cheers Ivan

    • Feb 05 2013 | 12:10 am
      hi there. i bet you were totally thinking that this was a dead thread.
      i just made this work with an axis p3384-VE ptz net cam, with 30fps at 640x480. you need to put a configuration message in the RTSP url.
      read rtsp://
      should do it with no problems. cheers!
    • Aug 24 2013 | 4:06 pm
      And for a non-Axis camera what would the lingo be like?
      I found another solution for Axis cameras, but it does not work with mine. And I bet it is all related to what I should type after rtsp://.
      Any suggestions? What should I write for a generic camera instead of rtsp://×480