Best Practices for Optomization? "Script sendbox" vs "send/receive" vs direct patch cord

    Nov 28 2021 | 7:48 pm
    I'm thinking about optimization as I get ready to build some patches that are more complex than anything I've tackled before.
    Sometimes it's inconvenient to run a patch cord all the way across the workspace to get the out from one section of the patch into an object in a different section. It can make some tight and tidy patching look very messy.
    The send and receive objects are an obvious solution for this, but I recall reading somewhere on this forum that those objects are more intensive than a direct patch cord, and so should not be relied upon heavily. I can't find the post anymore, so maybe I'm imagining this.
    Another solution is the "script sendbox" message into [thispatcher].
    I'm curious if either of these two options are substantially slower than a direct patch cord? Are there any other performance / best practices considerations or is a purely a matter of style? Are there any other techniques I haven't considered?
    Understanding how these three options differ will probably go a long way toward understanding what is going on with Max behind the scenes. Thanks for any input!
    The example below demonstrates the three options I'm talking about

    • Nov 29 2021 | 10:25 am
      only the messagebox should cause relevant more cpu. with s/r your main problem is that you can lose overview about message order and connections in general.