Black frames using [ @file op.absdiff.jxs]

    Nov 25 2020 | 10:41 am
    Hi. I try to get diff frames using openGL like in the following patch.
    I noticed there are sometimes black frames (or should I write textures ?) generated although there is always movement in the output of grab (i.e. all frames are ≠). I can see it on the jit.window, and in the recording I do.
    This happens with my iMac's internal camera, but also with a small USB camera, with all formats I tried.
    So I wonder what I do wrong (my skills in Jitter/OpenGL are not very good yet I'm afraid, but I do work on it…) Could it be some sync problem between the grab and the diff?
    Thanks for any pointer.

    • Nov 27 2020 | 5:14 pm
      In case someone is interested, I think I found the reason of my problem. Identical frames are sent from jit.grab, so diff obviously gives a black frame when ther eis no… difference. Setting jit.grab's @unique attribute to 1 was the way to go. So many things to learn…