Blend Modes with 3D text ... not working.

    Apr 07 2021 | 12:40 pm
    I don't fully understand the blend modes in Jitter? Can anyone tell me why this patch isn't working? I can't get the letters to blend against each other - perhaps I have got the layers wrong? Or it doesn't work with the poly~ object?
    Any help massively appreciated.

    • Apr 07 2021 | 3:50 pm
      steps to reproduce? what's not working as expected?
    • Apr 07 2021 | 4:00 pm
      I would expect to be able to see type from different iterations of a poly~ (and set to a different layer) to be visible through each other and / or respond to the blend modes in the way I am familiar. Currently, it just seems to change the colour. Is the patch working for you? Ultimately, what I really want to do is create partially transparent type. Like this ...
    • Apr 07 2021 | 4:07 pm
      steps to reproduce? you've sent along an archive of 4 patches. i have no idea which one to open or what steps I need take to test the patch.
    • Apr 07 2021 | 4:08 pm
      for proper blending make sure you're set @depth_enable 0 and @blend_enable 1 on your geometry objects. then you can adjust the @blend attribute to set the type of blending you want. additive is a good place to start.
    • Apr 07 2021 | 4:34 pm
      Ah, I was missing the @depth_enable 0. Is there a resources that full explains the relationship between the two numbers that control blend mode?
    • Apr 07 2021 | 5:01 pm
      the blend attribute is a convenience wrapper around blend_mode, but if you want to learn more this article is a good resource -
    • Apr 07 2021 | 5:18 pm
      Thank you.