blue line-guides and other basic max help questions

    Aug 31 2012 | 6:01 am
    just started to use max6 after years or mostly max4 and a little bit of max5, and some prefs totally escape me
    1/ in max6 I HAD those blue lines, which, when creating a new object, helped me to align it with the other objects. I made changes in the prefs (such as having a small circle when creating an object) and those blue lines are not there anymore. Not that I really miss them, but I cannot find the command to restore them...
    2/ in older max versions, there was all those helps (in the manual) to explain things such as all the commands of the menus (what exactly is "save as project" in file menu ?) or other useful infos ( which number to use with the midievent message if I want to set, say, aftertouch on channel 7 ?). where are they now???
    __I like max6 so far But am not very fond of the help/doc system (beside, since it is linked to max itself, it makes impossible to read part of it on, say, an ipad).
    many thanks for some pointers

    • Aug 31 2012 | 6:49 am
      Salut Kasper,
      I agree with your comments about Max6's help/doc... About the Project concept, there isn't much informations yet.
      For the blue lines, you need to check "Snap to Objects (default for new patchers)" in Max' preference window (don't forget to click on the All tab…)
    • Aug 31 2012 | 5:46 pm
      many thanks to both (ok got my blue lines again!)
      also thank you ASW for the links - the pdf is helpful and yes I knew there was an doc, but I found it really not as good as what it was in max4 & 5 - the questions i mentioned, I could not find the answer in it (midievent numbers.... save as project etc). this comes from someone who basically learnt digital audio,midi, etc from the max manual..... and raves about its quality. but in the meantime the reaktor manual/tutorials became quite ok, when the max one lacks what it already had (that is unless I am missing something - but missing it says something as well, doesn't it?) anyhow, many thanks kasper
    • Aug 31 2012 | 8:08 pm
      Kasper, Those links were only meant to address the issue of how to view the docs on an ipad. I too would love to see docs for the stuff you mentioned.