bpatcher, autopattr, and scripting name problem

    Nov 30 2016 | 3:43 pm
    I have a small patch I've made to act as a reusable knob that I can easily map to a midi controller, and in that patch, I have an autopattr object.
    In my parent patch, I have several bpatchers that use this knob patch. I use pattrstorage in the parent patch to store presets, and the autopattr in the knob patch allows the parent presets to save the controller numbers I've mapped.
    All of this works, but now I have the problem that I'd like *one* of the knobs to *not* be stored in a preset. I would think this would be as easy as removing the scripting name from that knob's bpatcher, but the problem is that I can't! Whenever I delete the scripting name, it just reverts to match the bpatcher's file name.
    I did some testing, and if I create a bpatcher that pulls in a file that doesn't have a autopattr inside, I can delete the scripting name just fine. But as soon as I add an autopattr to the bpatcher's file, the bpatcher insists on having a scripting name.
    Is this expected behavior? I don't understand why it would be so?
    And if that is how it is, then what is a strategy for creating a patch that you can use in a bpatcher, and have that bpatcher have the ability to be included or not included, your choice, in the parent patch's pattrstorage?
    Attached is a zip with the knob2 patch (the knob) and knobtest (the parent patch), as well as the preset file.

    • Nov 30 2016 | 5:10 pm
      Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but i disabled one knob from the stroragewindow (clientwindow works too). Now the knob doesn't answer when restoring a preset.