buffer~ maximum size ?

    May 15 2019 | 8:18 am
    Hi there, I know this is a recurring question: How can I know which maximum size I can use for a buffer~ ? I guess this is only about RAM, but I'm not sure and I cannot find a proper answer. I read about the 32-bit / 64-bit internal representation of bits (and the fact that 32-bit is kept for backward compatibility but...

    • May 15 2019 | 9:22 am
      someone correct me if i am wrong but i think the 2gb limit is still present.
    • May 15 2019 | 3:56 pm
      If you are using Max in 64 bits (or Max 8 which is 64 bits only), you can use more than 2 GB. Using the patch bellow you could listen to a sine wave for 400 hours straight using only slightly over 4 GB of RAM ;-)
    • May 15 2019 | 4:03 pm
      thx Emmanuel a lot ! I'll listen to it all my next 400h !