Building a 2D soundbank browser in Max+FluCoMa

    Dec 16 2021 | 9:06 pm
    Dear all
    My colleague James Bradbury has put together a series of 4 short tutorials to learn the basics of coding your own sample browser in Max with the FluCoMa toolset.

    Building a 2D Corpus Explorer (Part 1)

    Now, if you just want a 2d-browser, you don't need this... yet! You can use the fantastic or the incredible CataRT in MuBu (check the package manager) for ready-made powerful solutions... but then, you might want to build your own from scratch, to be able to mould it to do exactly what you want. This is where FluCoMa fits in this ecosystem.
    This is the first strand, getting you to get used to our interface. It is quite a souple and powerful and max-feel, we think, but comments are welcome, on the tutorial, and everything else! We hope you enjoy! p