Cannot installing Max for Live 6.1

    Mar 06 2013 | 1:03 pm
    After installing Max for Live 6.1 on a Macbook Pro, OS X 10.8.2 I have a message "Installation failed". I uninstalled the old PACE Drivers and tried to install the new. But also I have the same message (Installation failed). Have anybody the same problem? Or have anybody a solution?

    • Mar 07 2013 | 2:46 am
      Exact same problem. Same Max 6.1, same OSX 10.8.2.
    • Mar 07 2013 | 3:26 am
      Sorry you guys are having these problems.
      Please send full details in to
      support at cycling74 dot com
      Include all system details, path to the Max6 app folder, screenshots of the errors.
      Does the Max runtime work? This sounds like some kind of copy protection issue but we'll need to dig in a bit.
    • Mar 07 2013 | 7:48 pm
      Sorry guys, but this is not what I#m waiting for.....
      This was my question:
      Gmaj7, Mar 06 23:01 (PST):
      Hi guys, here is the link to the files on dropbox wich content a video and two screenshots about my problem. I can't isntall max for live. The runtimeversion is executeable (see video) but I can't install any max for live packages. thx for helping. Greetings from germany Bernhard
      And this is the answer: Tom Hall, Mar 07 09:50 (PST):
      Max for Live and Max are two separate products.
      The Max for Live serial number you get from Ableton authorizes Max for Live from inside Live. It is not a Max application serial number.
      Once Live has been authorised with a MFL serial, you do not need to configure Max. This is handled by Live, and all of the Max for Live features will work.
      If you are still having problems with the authorization of Max for Live, please contact Ableton support.
      Max for Live allows you to use the Max development environment to create your own Live content. You can access this by clicking on the edit button in any Max for Live device.
      You can find out more about this here
      If you are interested in finding out more about standalone Max, please check out our product page.
      If you are interested in owning a full version of Max, owners of Max for Live qualify for the crossgrade discount, which you can find here:
      Now that you have installed Max, you may also try it out. It will remain in fully functional demo mode for the next 30 days.