CatART: file probability and messaging

    Jul 11 2017 | 12:39 pm
    I would like to use CatArt with several sound files and progressively increase the probability of taking chunks of say sound1 instead of sound2. It's speech sound material, always, like for example whispering and talking. I thought one (probably stupid) approach to do this could be to create several catart.lcd and send to each one the same coordinates, then gate the output for each channel (on the coordinate bang) depending on the probability. Is there a better way to do this? Also a (more) stupid question. How can I send the coordinates to each one in a message, or receives them from each one? Also similar, how can I access for each one the pattrstorage? I see there is a #0_ type of message structure but I can't find the right way to access it from the main patch. I have several catart.lcd so I need to access the right one. How does it work in Max the sending messages to several instances of a module? I can modify your modules and add inlets, but I would rather avoid that.