Codesign - Notarizing - Syphon quarantine fun

    Apr 29 2020 | 12:55 am
    I'm running 10.14.6 and Max 8.1.3. I think I'm one of a few who are experiencing slight difficulties in the codesign / notarize world of standalones. With the help of James Howard Young, I've managed to sort most of my issues except a few here -
    1. To build a standalone from a Max Project file which utilizes a bpatcher and various patchers loaded dynamically and not embedded is a problem with codesigning. As James pointed out to me, you'll need to build a standalone using the "excludeexternals true" command in the script box-
    As far as I can tell this is not possible in a Max Project? I've had to rebuild my app to run as a standard Max patch and not a project. Max Projects are a much easier way to work.
    2. When adding externals to my standalone, they stop working after codesigning? I'm getting this message in the Max Console- " Could not create Syphon Server.. bailing". It works perfect before codesigning? I've tried many variations on the codesigning theme, with entitlements, --deep etc. I've managed to get the networking/OSC/Bonjour stuff working by adding
    <key><;/key> <true/> <key><;/key> <true/>
    in the entitlement.plist.
    3. I'm getting a crash (spinning beach ball of hell) when the menubar is touched by the mouse? This seems to only happen after notarizing. I've tried this on various small test apps.
    Any help out there before I loose all my hair?