Compile C++ based external on windows 10 in a reliable way

    Apr 23 2020 | 8:23 am
    Dear all,
    I'm looking for good source of information regarding building C++ based max objects on windows in a way that ensures good compatibility with all windows (7 and 10) installations. As a disclaimer: I'm not at all an expert in terms of C++ development for windows, and had in the past some bad experiences regarding portability of mxe externals on different machines that mine. Typically: mxe compiled on VS2013 on windows 7 using the template from the Max SDK, running on some Windows 10 but not on others, depending on the subversion of the W10, the presence of the proper runtime library on the machines, and probably other parameters for which I have little clue.
    As far as I know this is a typical problem and I'm not the only one facing it, but up-to-date and concise information about it is hard to find, the newest is this post:
    I have for instance the following basic questions:
    . I'm now on windows 10 (then using VS2019) but would like to build for windows 7 as well. When I import a VS2013 template from the Max SDK, which Windows SDK Version should I select? Which Platform Toolset?
    . which runtime library should I use?
    . which compilation and linking options are recommended for VS2019? Should I keep the ones used by the VS2013 solutions provided by the Max SDK?
    . Is there a way (besides building an installer) to provide the right runtime library to the user with the object, or even better, to direct her/him directly to the proper download page, if she/he doesn't have it installed? I mean, something user-friendlier than an error message complaining that the DLL X or Y is missing. . could someone recommend me bullet-proof VS2019 templates for building C++ mxe64 objects?
    . as an alternative to the Max SDK: min-devkit from Tim Place seems to be promising for c++, but lacks documentation. How far could it help to reinforce portability of windows mxe externals?
    Thanks a lot in advance for any information,

    • Apr 28 2020 | 2:07 am
      +1. Would love some info on this as well.