Confused about which Max SDK to use...

    Nov 21 2018 | 3:28 pm
    I was using the Max SDK Version 7.3.3 up to now. I've seed also this max-devkit project ( maintain by Cycling 74 right? The thing is that max-devkit includes files are quite different for the MAX SDK Version 7.3.3 ones ; function names changes, missing functions....etc..
    So what is the situation ? What are the developers supposed to use ? Is max-devkit project the way to go ?

    • Feb 14 2020 | 10:19 am
      Even I have the same question.
    • Feb 14 2020 | 12:08 pm
      Most recent and easiest starting point is here from the 8.0.3(most current) SDK: (check the online-version link there, i find it's the easiest to read to accompany the project/source downloads)
      Looking at where that is, i see it's a bit confusing, too, because you expect to find the SDK where you'd find 'Documentation' on this site, but I only get to the SDK by going to the 'Downloads' page everytime.
      The 'max-devkit' which the OP mentioned is actually just to make finished product 'packages'(don't need to bother with it until you're actually ready to distribute a fully-built app or set of tools... it is not a full API/SDK, only shows how to properly package things for distribution).
      And finally, there is also the 'min-devkit' here: which is a newer form of SDK for those who'd rather work in C++ instead of C(but the 8.0.3 SDK link I posted first above is the best one to start with, because it will have more full documentation on all functions and resources available; getting familiar with that first will help you use this C++ one more easily after).
      Hope it all helps. Best of luck 🍻
    • Feb 14 2020 | 12:59 pm
      Well I have already used Max SDK 8.0.3 to make an external, however, thereafter I tried to compile the code using `Max-devkit`, it didnt work quite well and morever `max-devkit` has a little different functions, whose documentation is nowhere available it seems. :/
      May be now i will look into `min-devkit`.