Control/Max CPU Usage

    Dec 08 2019 | 10:18 am
    Is there any way to identify CPU usage of different parts of a huge patch that relies mostly on control messages and almost no audio? I'm programming a generative score system using mostly the bach package — and I'm in direct contact with the team to figure out how to optimize it. Right now my new Macbook Pro 16inch (i9) is almost on its knees (between actual computations and visual rendering of scores), and I programmed the patch is such a way that it's very difficult to identify were the heaviest parts are and how to improve them. Unfortunately the "Show CPU Usage" function (View menu) works only for audio if I'm not mistaken? I think it would make more and more sense, especially considering newer approaches of non-audio/video computation available in Max (js, Node.js, bach, etc.). In the meantime, do you have any suggestion for this?
    Thanks ! Julien