Convert incoming 2 ppqn to 1 ppqn

    Dec 24 2020 | 8:41 am
    I'm attempting to use the incoming sync click from a Pocket Operator and detect tempo using [sync~]. The problem I'm having is that the PO's send out 2 ppqn and the beat detect of [sync~] seems to be expecting 1 ppqn, effectively doubling the bpm.
    I tried cheating and dividing the detected bpm by 2, but this is hit and miss because it appears that [sync~] interprets incoming ppqn based on its 30-240 range. E.g. if the PO has a tempo of 115, [sync~] outputs 230, however, if the PO tempo is 125, [sync~] outputs the correct 125. I'm assuming this is because doubling would give 250 and be outside its bpm range.
    So I'm looking for a solution to 'ignore' every second click coming from the PO, or maybe I'm misusing the [sync~] object altogether?