Convert Video to HAP AVI on Windows using FFMPEG

    Dec 10 2018 | 7:27 pm
    Hi all! I'm trying to convert a video (the "chickens.mp4" built-in file) with the HAP codec and play it in Max on Windows 10. To do the conversion I'm using FFmpeg from the command prompt, using this command: ffmpeg -i "C:\Users\Federico Foderaro\Desktop\chickens.mp4" -vcodec hap -format hap_q "C:\Users\Federico Foderaro\Desktop\"
    The conversion seems to work, and I get a .mov file as an output. Now, since Hap on Windows in Max cannot play a .mov, I convert the video to .avi always using FFmpeg. This is the command:
    ffmpeg -i "C:\Users\Federico Foderaro\Desktop\" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "C:\Users\Federico Foderaro\Desktop\chickensHAPQ.avi"
    Problem is, that in Max when reading the .avi file I just get a black screen (or blue), so it's not working. Do some of you managed to get this working without using Adobe Media Encoder? Could some of you replicate my issue?
    Thank you very much