Converting 3-plane matrix to 1-plane, strange jit.expr behavior

    May 04 2017 | 9:34 am
    Hi there,
    I want to convert a 1-dimension 3-plane matrix with RGB values to a 1-dimension 1-plane matrix, which I will eventually unroll as a list and send over a serial connection. So principle is:
    3-plane matrix : r1 b1 g1, r2 b2 g2, ... to 1-plane matrix: r1, b1, g1, r2, b2, g2,...
    I came up with a jit.expr that works. A bit. 'Cause from cell 65 on it glitches. Then the R value of a cell ends up in the next cell, not the right one. It seems like some kind of rounding error.
    Any thoughts on getting this right? Not necessarily using jit.expr.

    • May 04 2017 | 10:16 am
      Interestingly this jit.gen alternative displays a similar glitch from cell 50 on:
      I'm sure I'm missing something simple here... but what?
    • May 04 2017 | 10:44 am
      Ok I solved it with jit.multiplex:
      Still interested to learn why my previous alternatives didn't work though.