counter & floating point timing

    Nov 15 2017 | 11:47 pm
    I came across this problem a number of times and don't know what is possible to do. To explain the problem I'll take a trivial example. I'm using a phasor~ 1n as the main clock of the patch. I'm extracting the starting point of it using the classic delta~ to <~ 0 I get a click every 1n. Then I'd like to analyse the timing between each clicks. If the tempo is 120 BPM and sampling-rate 44100, I'll get 88200 samples. perfect. But if the tempo is 110 BPM, I'll get 95352 samples, but it should have been 95351.351351 samples. As my counter counts integer values, of course, I get integer values, but how could I get the floating point accuracy ? Is there any kind of sub-sample thing that could be done ?