Coverting patches from "render/window" to

    Oct 04 2018 | 6:56 pm
    Many of the great tutorial and example patches around were created prior to For example, there is one from the cookbook called 30 SoundLump by Andrew B.
    Aside from editing this particular patch to use the audio from a file and perhaps a video in place of the jit.grab function, I'd like to bring it over to by replacing the jit.render and jit.window elements. That means, as I understand it, also relying on the frame rate/bang output of the element instead of the traditional toggle/gmetro/trigger combination.
    Maybe it's a rudiment that I've lost track of, but I can't seem to get the bang control flow to function. It's not clear to me where, for example, a matrix in the chain needs to be nudged with a bang and when I can rely on the default fall through of bangs. (I hope that's clear.)
    So, the question: can you point me to some tutorial stuff or examples that talk explicitly about managing the control-rate side of things or bang flow in the context?
    Thanks for your help. ...edN

    • Oct 04 2018 | 9:09 pm
      As I understand it:
      OpenGL objects: automatic triggering with the framerate (unless you use the "@automatic 0" rendering flag)
      Matrix objects such as, jit.grab, etc (source material): automatic triggering with the frame rate. Other matrix objects (jit.matrix, jit.op, etc): process and output whenever an incoming matrix arrives.
    • Oct 05 2018 | 1:21 pm
      Thanks, Pedro. This is very concise and clear. Less is more, as they say. I've made some progress with my patcher with this so it's a big help.