Crash with Audio Status patcher

    Sep 02 2021 | 4:32 pm
    I am able to consistently crash Max by using the Audio Status patcher. These are the steps to reproduce.
    1. Open the Audio Status window 2. Select a non-default Audio Output Device 3. Start Audio 4. Close the Audio Status patcher The crash occurs only after I close the patcher. I cannot reproduce this by changing the audio device with the adstatus object.
    I've attached the crash logs.

    • Sep 02 2021 | 6:31 pm
      Hi James,
      Thanks for the report! I believe that these crashes should be solved in the latest beta just released. Please let us know if this solves your problem or if it persists.
      Thanks, Joshua
    • Sep 02 2021 | 6:59 pm
      Hi James, I can't reproduce this crash. Could you update to the latest public beta and try again? You can download the latest beta here. When updating, please be sure to perform a clean install.
      If you still get the same crash, please send the following information:
      - Your latest crash report - Your support information. Go to Max > About Max. Click on "Copy support information to clipboard" and paste the results in your response. - Exactly which Audio Output Device you are switching to.
    • Sep 02 2021 | 8:34 pm
      Hi Ashley,
      I'll update and see if I can reproduce and give you the details you need :)
    • Sep 02 2021 | 8:58 pm
      I can't seem to reproduce the bug so perhaps it was a meat-ware issue more than anything to do with the beta. Thanks for digging into it.
    • Sep 02 2021 | 9:49 pm
      Glad to hear the crash isn't happening anymore!