Creating a synth... for web?

    Nov 23 2021 | 7:09 pm
    Hi all, been working with max for a month or two now... know it's possible to export as an app that runs self-contained curious if it's possible to create something that can open and run in web. Say, a synth that can be loaded in a browser...?
    Any points in right direction appreciated!

    • Dec 02 2021 | 9:09 pm
      Bumpy bump
    • Dec 02 2021 | 10:32 pm
      doesn't sound possible the way you describe('loaded in a browser'), but one option might be to create a web-interface(separate from Max) that might send OSC(or similar) messaging to control a max patch remotely(?)... [edit: but then i guess you'd want to stream the remote patch back to multiple users... or possibly have multiple instances... basically, i think the answer is that it's not possible to have a local/browser-loaded version of a max patch]