Creating an interactive table in Jitter

    May 01 2021 | 6:56 pm
    Absolute noob in Jitter, don't even know where to start with this one:
    How would I create a 25x8 table so that each little square is "interactive", as in it can take data like colour change, numbers inside the square, pop-up info etc.? I need it to recreate my Linnstrument on a visual panel floating window, so I know where I'm at when I'm editing microtonal MIDI in Ableton

    • May 02 2021 | 6:15 am
      I know next to nothing about the Linnstrument. How having a floating window with a recreation of your Linnstrument will help you when editing microtonal MIDI in Ableton, I have no idea... at least not yet.
      If you want a 25x8 grid, but with more button states than matrixctrl has, then jit.cellblock can do that... but without having more of a complete specification of what it is you need this thing to do, I don't know if anyone here can advise you on what parts of Max/Jitter you should consider investigating.
      I see 3 button states in this image: off, green, and blue. Are those the three states you need this interactive matrix to support, or is there more?
    • May 02 2021 | 8:15 am
      I got the Linnstrument part covered already, just needed someone to point me towards a appropriate jitter object, and it is jit.cellblock indeed. thank you.
      If you are curious: i made a max for live device that sends different lights to Linnstrument cells so when I play it I know what actual note I am pressing because 0-128 MIDI is mapped totally differently in standard 12 notes per octave and, for example, 31 notes per octave. All was fine while I was just playing but when I need to edit the MIDI notes that I recorded I had no visual orientation and jit.cellblock will solve it. In the interactive matrix in every cell there will be one of 10 available background colours so I know what microtonal interval it is and there will be a number in it so i know which MIDI channel is playing it.
    • May 02 2021 | 4:09 pm
      I watched a demo video of the Linnstrument last night. The look of pride on Roger's face seems justified.
      What you've got cooking sounds interesting. You should throw up a video when you get it all working. 31 notes per octave? I'm still trying to get great with just the 12, sheesh. :)
      I end up using jit.cellblock in everything, you'll like it. I've yet to have a need so intense as to warrant pairing it with jit.matrix. For these kinds of UI applications, I find dict or col are just fine for handling real-time data dumps to cellblock.
    • May 02 2021 | 6:09 pm
      there are 3 videos on my instagram profile @vojkofau around late april 2020 if you are interested seeing how it sounds in 31 notes
    • May 02 2021 | 6:29 pm
      is that 31-EDO I'm hearing?
    • May 02 2021 | 7:10 pm
      two are 31-edo, last one is just intonation