creating dynamic with textures

    Jun 03 2014 | 5:58 pm
    I would like to create's in a dynamic way. I have a 6 camera-rig which captures 6 textures for each of the cubemaps directions. however, only accepts jitter-matrixes but no textures. to my knowledge is actually a texture - of the type "samplerCube" - and can be accessed through shaders as well.
    so my questions:
    1. is there a way to create a sampleCube texture with 6 2d-textures without leaving the GPU? (there is obviously the way to convert textures to matrices and then pass it to - but thats way to slow)
    2. How could I access a sampleCube texture via shader? can it be applied to an object like other textures via the "texture" message? I know it must be possible but I didnt find any working example. unfortunately the example code that could answer me this questions is gone from the virtual space -> robert ramirez posted there an example code that is no more.

    • Jun 03 2014 | 6:50 pm
      ok, question 2) I was able to answer myself. I got my own version of chromatic aberration working.
      what is missing now is the dynamic part. I need to create a cubemap from the point of view of the torus (see example patch) in order to create the same illusion as here :
    • Jun 04 2014 | 3:13 pm
      thanks for the request. this is something i'm planning to implement in a future version, so consider your request noted.
    • Jun 04 2014 | 4:21 pm
      Hi rob.
      this is something i’m planning to implement in a future version, so consider your request noted.
      Thats good to hear. I have also planned to be playing with 3dtextures and noticed that the only way to add a subtexture is through a matrix. is there a way to add 2dtextures as subtextures in a 3dtexture?