cue lists dynamically stored/recalled in pattr

    Apr 14 2020 | 3:30 pm
    Dear all,
    I'm facing a quite basic issue to build a new cue list system for my patches.
    What I want: store the cues as pattr presets, those cues consisting in static snapshots like pattr does very well, and a series of delayed messages after triggering the cues, like qlist does very well.
    My current idea is to integrate a dynamically qlist into the pattr system, i.e. store with each preset the content of the qlist, and when recalling the preset, load the qlist and fire it. I'm using an intermediate textedit to store the values of the qlist (since qlist is not compatible with pattr) and also to edit it in the patch without opening an extra qlist window. This method works almost, the qlist is properly loaded and works (see patch below), but I still have one problem: it's possible to store the content of a textedit including carriage returns and semicolons, if the "output as one symbol" option is on, but when recalling it, textedit is not able to decode this single symbol and adds double quotes before and after. I thought this would be easy, but spend a few hours on it and I'm still stuck.
    So: 1/ does someone know how to do this, i.e. reconstructing the textedit message perfectly without double quotes?
    2/ or: someone has a better idea to achieve my goal with different means?
    Now the patch that shows my problem:
    All the best Alexis

    • Apr 15 2020 | 6:30 pm
      It seems to work if you store the textedit data without quotes.
    • Apr 16 2020 | 7:27 am
      Hi Kyle, Thanks for your answer! Ok, I was not explicit enough: storing the message without double quotes (so like a normal qlist text) is indeed the only way to make it work with qlist when recalling. The problem is however that double quotes are added when recalling in textedit. And if you store it a second time like that (with double quotes), then more escaped double quotes are added when recalling the textedit and then, the message is not compatible any more with qlist.
      I can live without qlist and reprogram it. But the problem is not qlist, but textedit, for which I haven't found a yet to store a message containing semicolons in pattr and retrieve it exactly as it was saved.
    • Apr 18 2020 | 6:45 am
      short update: similars problem with textedit not dealing correctly with line breaks have already been reported in older posts:
      When using semicolons as I need it just becomes worse...
    • Apr 18 2020 | 8:50 am
      For those who face the same problem: thanks to the previous posts I have a dirty solution, which is the best I could achieve:
      Extra spaces are added at each new line as well as before semicolons. But as far as I can tell now it seems to work, both for qlist and for pattr.
      It's kind of frustrating to spend so much time to overcome what could be considered as a bug, and not being able to overcome it in clean way. Alexis