Delaunay & Convex-Hull real-time vs precalculations ?

    Feb 04 2019 | 3:32 pm
    Hi there,
    I need to alter meshes by using some transformations. Delaunay & Convex-Hull are targeted for the main interesting leads / ways.
    Ideal situations: I load meshes from obj (, my system processes them by transforming dots/triangles and whatever and render the result.
    That way, I could change Delaunay accuracy and way of working in real time too.
    Same reasoning for Convex-Hull (except that one should feed a new mesh overlayed / blended to the original one)
    But I'm afraid of performance. Doing it on GPU is not easy. So I'm thinking about precalculating that in meshlab or whatever and load/merge meshes in Max.
    Any leads/ways/ best practice ?
    Thanks a lot