Delay for a Texture

    Jan 29 2021 | 12:33 pm
    I need a delay for a texture. I do not want to use javascript or external files of any kind for this, only Max, or gen. Any suggestions, where can I start looking for?
    Thanks guys, cheers.

    • Jan 29 2021 | 2:29 pm
      Sure. Help -> Reference -> Search for "delay", you'll get lots of interesting things in the Documentation tab. Beyond that, you'll need to be more precise with your question. I'm not even sure you're talking about a musical texture or a graphics texture.
    • Jan 29 2021 | 3:15 pm
      I'm assuming you mean video-texture delay. A delay is simply a buffer, sized to the amount of the delay. The built-in gl-texture delay that ships with Max is called, and is designed to model the exact behavior of the jit.matrixset object, but for textures. therefore you can use the same patch logic in the jit.matrixset help file tab "video-delay" but substituting with [ js ] and substituting "outputmatrix" message with "outputtexture"
      if you don't want to use JS then you'll have to reconstruct the elements of the JS with patching, likely utilizing poly~ to manage the buffer frames, but JS is a much better tool for this IMO, and the work is already done.
    • Jan 29 2021 | 3:16 pm
      for an even simpler built-in tool, use the vizzie module DELAYR