detecting key (return) press in numbox?

    Nov 10 2020 | 5:35 pm
    Hi, I have a Max for Live device which has a few numbox objects that I'd like to be able to type data into one after the other without needing to mouse click between them to gain keyboard focus.
    In Max it's pretty easy to use the right outlet bang on 'tab' presses feature to then message 'select' to the next numbox in the chain to give it keyboard focus. But in Live that 'tab' press is mirrored to the Live app, causing the main view to switch between Arranger and Session views. So I'm looking for a way to get similar behavior, ideally with 'return' key presses, without pressing tab.
    When a numbox has keyboard focus, the [key] object doesn't output anything, either. So I'm wondering if this just is what it is, or if there is a way to hack out the behavior I want.
    This could also be viewed as a Max enhancement request to optionally allow 'return' rather than 'tab' to output that bang similar to how [textedit] object can change its output behavior. :-)
    Cheers, Tyler

    • Nov 10 2020 | 6:04 pm
      Ah... it turns out that even with numbox having focus, the 'return' key press is only swallowed when it is in text entry mode. This means its possible to advance key focus when pressing return twice after numeric value entry. It's a lot trickier this way than it would be to use the 'tab' bang method, but it works well enough.