Editor for keyframe animation ?


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    Martin Beck
    Jun 19 2020 | 6:59 pm
    Has anybody found an easy and convenient way for keyframe animation of jit.gl.object attributes (e.g. camera position and rotation)? - Or can someone share an example how to set a breakpoint in a clip envelope in Ableton Live via M4L?
    A keyframe editor is an essential tool in most 3D programs like Blender or Touchdesigner https://docs.derivative.ca/Animation_Editor.
    I tried to use Max’s mc.function https://cycling74.com/forums/mc-function-scrubbing-triggering-and-convenience/replies/1#reply-5c1cc3bc44b97c19f0d1b492, but it lacks a lot of convenience features.
    I tried to use Max for Live https://cycling74.com/forums/coordinate-systems-of-jit-gl-handle-jit-world-and-jit-gl-camera/replies/1#reply-5c6af980698ce43c4a66358b. It is good for syncing audio to jitter-animations and allows binding to a hardware controller like Push, but there is no simple function that allows to set a set of current parameters as a set of keyframes at a single timepoint - you have to start recording and it will create additional unintended keyframes, messes up your clips etc. https://cycling74.com/forums/set-keyframes-from-m4l-device Of course you can set or edit points by hand, but this is not how you normally design 3D scenes - normally you adjust several parameters by number boxes or moving objects by handles and then write the keyframes by a simple click.
    I found no thread that explains how to access Live’s automation via M4L - looks like it is impossible https://cycling74.com/forums/writing-automation.... [In the LOM documentation it is left unclear wether you can write the automation of a parameter without active recording https://docs.cycling74.com/max8/vignettes/live_object_model].
    Next on the list would be to use Touchdesigner and OSC to communicate with Max…., but in the end everything I tried so far resulted in unsatisfactory workarounds that do not offer the required convenience
    • sufficiently large / zoomable view
    • overlayed curves
    • one click export of several parameters to a set of keyframes at specified timepoint).
    Access to Live’s automation via e.g. Javascript would be a great improvement, although Live still lacks an overlayed automation curve view….

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      Martin Beck
      Oct 22 2020 | 8:44 pm
      A more advanced example for keyframe editor usage - natural camera motion in Houdini / Blender: https://www.cinetexture.com/cinemotion#!/~/ It would be a huge improvement if Max had a keyframe editor - something like [mc.function] that is coupled to the [pattrstorage] architecture in combination with a recording functionality.