Electronjs and node in Max

    Feb 12 2019 | 11:02 pm
    So I recently read this article... http://cdm.link/2019/02/magenta-studio-ai-ableton-live/ ...and I was pleasantly shocked to discover that magenta studio was running these plugins as electron apps inside of Ableton. Now I presume this requires Max 8 in order to take advantage of node but I was wondering how the electron app does the processing - does it hand it off to Max and just get back the results and if thats the case would it be possible to make a synth that would require a decent amount of processing (that would be done by Max) but have the UI done in the html/css/JS that electron allows?

    • Feb 13 2019 | 5:33 pm
      Hey Jack.
      Magenta Studio uses Node For Max in order to communicate between the Electron Application and Max / Max For Live. Based on this pipeline it is also able to access the LOM. So yeah, you should be able to build a Electron based frontend for your Synth if you desire. However, be aware that this would need to happen in a separate Window (the electron app) and won't be available in the device inside of Live.
      In case you are looking for a getting started with Node For Max and Electron: there is a community contributed Starter Template available in the community repository https://github.com/Cycling74/n4m-community