@engine qt or avf ?

    Dec 03 2015 | 11:07 pm
    I’ve update to max7 and my patchers stopped until I found the problem: The "@engine qt” was now necessary on the jit.move (or at preferences) (I used the jit.qt.movie to play a big jpeg foto at parts, using “srcrect” messages). What means exactly the other engine, the default “avf ?

    • Dec 04 2015 | 6:28 pm
      it's Apple's replacement library for quicktime. searching the forum for "avf" should give you lots of info.
      if your patches work with "qt" engine, then that's great, that's exactly why we kept the qt engine around!
      if you want to post a simple example patch and media file that's not working for you with avf engine, i'd be happy to take a look.
    • Dec 05 2015 | 3:22 pm
      Hi, Rob; Thank you the answer and info. You are right, it's a Apple's replacement for quicktime (El Capitan). I post here a example, which don’t work without the @engine qt. Well, let's go to the patch. It’s a mix of tree sources, two of them with a (same) image of 10240x 768 dimensions that the qt.movie projects the frames with its window (1024x768), and a slow motion by “srcrect messages”. The first 1024x768 window must be the same to the last one (9216 -10240) to close the perfect ring (it’s a loop…). The last mixer (matrix 1024x768) its to be a "first plane” - a object rounded by transparency (with a prepared alpha channel image), with a background made by the two big loops. There are tree ways to do this job. The first is to make a move with 10240 frames that slices the 10240dim image. It have "no style” and it’s so easy. The second is to do what I did at this stage: To use the original image and to process it with a GL part ( I explain: I use max/jitter at live performance, together with Live9, and interactions. Some objects, like brcosa are located only to express some process in my performance and original patch. Further, looking for insurance I’ve put only a little end part at the GL group). This stage needs to be updated, to more GL objects. But until where, and how? The third way will be to do everything in GL group, and discard quicktime. Dear Rob, your help is always welcome. (get some 10240 jpeg and run it. don’t worry with the loop - the movement is little and smooth until the breakpoint).