Fat Patch

    Aug 05 2017 | 12:52 am
    Every time I open a certain patch with a "gen ~" object and two objects more, I do not add anything and I save exactly the same maxpat (with another name) the size of the patch approximately doubles. The next time I open it, it takes exactly twice as much time ...

    • Aug 05 2017 | 1:46 am
      Edit: When saving add more and more crap in unicode...
    • Aug 05 2017 | 9:00 am
      is that the "duplicating styles" thing again? check if there are styles in the patcher.
    • Aug 05 2017 | 7:05 pm
      @11OLSEN There were two problems in that patch .. One in particular with a Textbutton which changed a text by a pair of unicode characters. This did not surprise me so much, I once had problems with styles and text buttons. What surprised me was a comment (gen ~ codebox) in which I converted this "// like goertzel ~" into a long string of characters "unicode that I get to, I do not lie: 20000000 of crap. That part of the code will crash Max. It seemed like a sort of "leak" and the crash happened in the LUA libraries that I suppose uses gen ...
      A nuisance, this mistake, wasted a lot of time.
    • Aug 05 2017 | 7:10 pm
      PS: I take it to say that when you export code gen ~ into Xcode there is no problem, but in VS I detect that references to DATA objects: leaks. Not many bytes but leaks. (Some non-erased pointer theme, maybe?)